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Storage Units in Puyallup, Washington Open Near Seattle

As more people move to the Emerald City, Seattle becomes a more expensive place to live. So locals and movers are heading to the ‘burbs, and there are new storage units in Puyallup, Washington ready to greet them when they arrive!

The new Public Storage at 16311 Meridian Ave E Puyallup, WA 98375, about 40 minutes outside Seattle, has more than 1,200 storage units in a wide range of sizes to help new movers and longtime locals store everything during relocations, renovations and whenever residents run out of room at home.

Since there are limited storage options in the area, Public Storage moved quickly to build more units in town.

“We’re providing storage units to a community that is underserved,” said Bryan Miranda, Public Storage’s vice president of west coast development. “And we’re in the path of growth, so we’re expecting more homes and more tenants.”

If you’re planning to move to this Seattle suburb, or perhaps looking for a more affordable neighborhood within commuting distance from the city, keep reading to hear why Public Storage and so many others are setting up shop in this small town.

Low Cost of Living Entices Seattle Movers

Business continues to grow in and around Seattle – as the area hosts some of the biggest companies in the country – and many transplants are looking to move there for great jobs. But although business is growing, the housing options aren’t keeping up with demand.

To escape the skyrocketing rent and home prices, Seattleites are turning to more affordable suburbs – like Puyallup – to find housing outside the city.

“People moving here want to be a part of bigger businesses, but they don’t want to struggle financially in the city,” said Adam Pearson, a district manager at the new Public Storage property in Puyallup.

A house in Seattle currently costs around $730,000, that’s $400,000 more than one in Puyallup, according to

And housing is likely only one money-saving reason that the U.S. Census reports nearly 10 percent more people live in Puyallup than in 2010. Because overall, it costs 25 percent less to live in Puyallup than Seattle, according to

Locals say this tight-knit community makes this town a great place to live outside the city, not only for a cheaper life but also because it’s very easy to get where you need to go.

The Sounder Train can get Puyallup residents to Seattle in 40 minutes, the same amount of time it takes to drive to the city without traffic. And it can easily get enlisted neighbors to the McChord Air Force Base, which is only 13 miles from the town.

“There’s a lot of military personnel who live here,” said Pearson.

Puyallup Has a Small Town Feel for Seattle Transplants

Besides low housing and living costs, locals say the small-town vibe is why people love to live in Puyallup.

“People are friendlier here,” said Schyler, a Public Storage property manager. “You get a hometown vibe and neighbors know each other, and everyone talks to one another at the grocery store. People in Seattle are too busy looking at your phones for that.”

Outdoor activities are abundant in this town, and Mt. Rainier – the highest mountain in the Pacific Northwest – is only an hour away.

“The new facility is on a road that has one of the most amazing views of Mt. Rainier that there is,” said Pearson. “If you could take a picture from the roof, and it would be something you’d frame.”

Puyallup is also home to the Washington State Fair, the largest fair in the state that brings in people from all over The Evergreen State in the summer.

“There’s always something to do in Puyallup,” said Schyler. “There’s concerts, disc golf, and a lot of outdoor activities. We’ve got it all.”

Storage Units in Puyallup for Seattle-Area Movers

Home and business construction in Puyallup is bringing in more people, and the new Public Storage on Meridian Avenue E is just one of the new neighbors.

“The facility is definitely located in one of the fastest-growing areas in town,” said Pearson. “A new car wash just opened a couple weeks ago, as well as a new Starbucks up the street. The area is growing quite a bit.”

The more than 1,200 units are made up of both indoor, climate-controlled units and outdoor, drive-up storage spaces. From 5x5 to help store seasonal gear and small household items, all the way up to 10x30 to help movers store all their stuff between addresses.

“A lot of our customers are coming to this area from California because of expensive housing,” said Schyler. “The new facility is beautiful, and it’s big so there’s going to be a lot more space to accommodate more people.”

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