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Storage Units in Frisco, Texas, Open for New Movers

A newly built Public Storage opened in Frisco, Texas, to provide much-needed space for a large number of new movers headed to the town, and longtime residents.

The new Public Storage at 2047 Witt Rd, Frisco, TX 75034 has 765 climate-controlled units that come in sizes from small to extra-large, perfect for anyone eager for more space to store what they love.

If you’re one of the thousands of people moving to this North Texas suburb, or perhaps just thinking about relocating there, keep reading to learn why tremendous job growth and new housing are driving so many to this lakeside suburb.

Jobs in North Texas are Driving Community Growth

Just in the last five years, huge companies like Toyota, Capital One and AT&T have been heading to the area, likely due to low tax prices and cheap land and low housing costs for workers, which are expected to continue to push more companies and jobs into North Texas.

Because of the new growth, and the new workforce, suburbs around Plano – like Frisco – have seen unprecedented population increases.

Between 2010 and 2016, Frisco’s population increased by nearly 40 percent and that of its neighbor, Little Elm, jumped 64 percent, according to U.S. Census data.

“When I built my house in North Texas 15 years ago, about a mile away from the new Public Storage facility, it was a completely different place. All of the residential and commercial development has really transformed the town,” said Jarrod Yates, a Public Storage vice president of real estate based in Plano, Texas.

“I have been in North Texas my whole life, and I lived in Frisco when it was just empty fields and nothing there,” said Leslie Hodge, a Public Storage area manager. “It’s grown exponentially since then, and it’s become an urban center in the area.”

To make room for all the new movers, construction companies are currently building more apartments in the Dallas-Fort Worth area than in any other region in the country. And most of those apartments are being built in Frisco, according to the Dallas News.

“Construction hasn’t slowed down yet, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon,” said Yates.

Storage Units in Frisco, Texas, for New Movers

Public Storage has been building properties throughout North Texas in recent years to help movers headed to the area store all the stuff they love during the process.

The new, two-story property on Witt Road is the second new facility to open in Frisco recently. Public Storage at 8433 Legacy Dr, Frisco, TX 75034 opened in 2015, and business has been so great that the company decided more storage was needed to serve the fast-growing community.

“This is a great area for new storage units, since it’s on the Little Elm border,” said Yates. “It’s a convenient location to serve residents in both affluent communities.”

Frisco, on the other side of Lake Lewisville from University of North Texas, is a popular place for new grads and transplants of the same generation to set down roots and start families. The commute to Plano is typically about 30 minutes, so Frisco residents don’t have to go far to find great jobs.

“It’s a younger community compared to Plano,” said Hodge. “We see a lot of young families who work in the city, but live here for more of a country environment.”

Frisco Attracts Residents with a Low-Key Appeal

The proximity to Lake Lewisville also gives the town a laidback vibe that draws residents to Frisco and Little Elm. Families are often seen eating picnics, playing volleyball and swimming during the hot summer months to cool down.

And the new Public Storage next to the 423, and just a few miles from the Dallas North Tollway, is the perfect place to store recreational gear between seasons! A 5x5 unit can hold plenty of camping and swim gear, while a 10x30 can hold kayaks and all the fishing poles you could need to reel in the big ones!

“This is a real family-oriented town that may be growing but still functions like a tight-knit community,” said Cynthia Yakes, a Public Storage trainer and North Texas native.

Whether you’re looking to store your household goods when you move or just want to store your extra stuff near home, stop by and check out the new storage units in Frisco, Texas!

In an area where extraordinary growth has changed an entire town, one thing locals can rely on is Public Storage’s quality service and standards to stay the same.

“People moving to Frisco are moving from cities across the country, and they’re turning to Public Storage because it’s a trusted brand name that they know,” said Miranda Balduf, a Public Storage manager in the area.

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