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Public Storage Feels the Love in Valentine Video Contest

What better way to celebrate the annual month of romance than with some storage-loving, organization-doting poetry! And the six finalists of our Be Our Valentine Video Contest did just that. From an organization-obsessed talking dog helping his mom move, to a Public Storage employee with a knack for Shakespearean sonnets, we sure felt the love all the way into early March!

Public Storage employees and fans competed for two prizes of $2,500 each by submitting entertaining videos filled with rhymes and poems, many of which paid tribute to Public Storage’s loveable services and products.

Six finalists were chosen last week out of dozens of entries and they battled for top views on YouTube over a weeklong period, which ended March 5.

The competition was stiff, but Kaitlynn – a new Public Storage employee in Orange County, Calif. and a former Public Storage customer in Thornville, Ohio both won after their videos were viewed more than 3,000 times each!

Keep reading to hear what inspired the finalists to create poems about moving and storage, and don’t forget to head over to the Public Storage YouTube channel to watch all the videos!

public storage employee in irvine cleaning

Public Storage in Orange County, Calif. Celebrates Cleanliness

We know customers care about cleanliness at all of our facilities, and that’s exactly what inspired Kaitlynn to write her Public Storage poem for her video.

“I’ve always written some poetry on the side,” she said. “And I can edit videos, I’m pretty tech savvy, so I just brainstormed some ideas and put them together.”

She also highlighted Public Storage’s convenient access hours and easy-to-access loading areas, which make moving in and out “a breeze.”

“My inspiration came from day-to-day tasks, how the facilities run and what the customers most appreciate,” she said.

Her coworkers were happy to participate, and Kaitlynn said the making the video brought the team closer together.

“It was a fun activity for us,” she said.

The community college student plans to save her $2,500 prize and put it towards paying for school.

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Former Public Storage Customer Rhymes About Decluttering

According to our fan winner, it wasn’t long ago that James was storing his grandfather’s old 1949 Buick in one of Public Storage’s convenient car storage units near his home in Thornville, Ohio. Since then, he’s used his time to study business management in college and pursue videography to help pay the bills before graduation day.

James said his friend told him about the contest and he jumped at the chance to compete and write about his storage experience for the video.

“I checked the date and realized it was due that night,” he said. “So I wrote the poem, I had my mom proofread it and then I filmed it at 10 p.m.”

“I had a grand plan for it, but it would’ve take a week of time that I didn’t have,” he added.

His quick work earned him $2,500, which he plans to spend on more video equipment. Congrats, James! We hope to see more videos from you in the future.

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Valentine Video about Public Storage Moving Supplies

Renting a Public Storage unit can be just the start of the moving process. And Cassandra in Wichita, Kansas knows how quality moving supplies can make all the difference before, during and after a move, so she wrote a quality poem and video about them to match!

“When I started writing, I started thinking about what I do every day and going through all the stuff I say to customers,” she said. “I love talking to people, so this was right up my alley.”

Her poem about new-age supplies had an old-school poetry tone, drawing inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe and “The Bard of Avon.”

“At first, I was going to a parody of the Raven. Nevermore rhymes with ‘store,’ so I thought I could do something around that. But as I wrote, it morphed into Shakespearean style.”

And while she didn’t take home the top prize, her video was well received by YouTube viewers for its creativity!

“People that know me know that I’m out there, and crazy and weird,” she said. “My friends expect this from me.”

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Los Angeles Actor’s Pop Art Video About Public Storage

Six years ago, Stephen moved from a small town outside Philadelphia to Los Angeles and began pursuing his acting dreams. And he definitely showed off his stage skills in his Public Storage video about decluttering and moving.

“I’ve always been interested in doing an homage to a scene from Boy Meets World (an old television show from the ‘90s),” he said. “It inspired the flow of the poem.”

“I had a rough draft done in an hour, but I rewrote it because I couldn’t read my handwriting,” he added.

He was so excited when his video appeared on the Public Storage YouTube channel as a finalist on February 23.

“As soon as I woke up, I went to the YouTube page,” he said. “I kept refreshing, and I saw the two and then I knew there was one left.”

And the third video was his!

“My mom was at work, so I called her and told her about it,” he said.

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Rhymes about Moving Time at Public Storage in Austin, Texas

When it came time for poetry-loving Angela to create her fun-filled storage video, the property manager of a Public Storage in Austin, Texas turned it into a family affair by including her son.

“We had the best time doing it,” she said. “I love poetry and have writing been it my whole life, so it was a lot of fun.”

She highlighted the stresses moving day brings, and how Public Storage employees strive to make the process as easy as possible for customers.

“I took inspiration from my different interactions with customers and tried to cover everything,” she said.

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Funny Talking Dog Drives His Human to Get Organized in Video

It’s not every day that you see a talking dog, let alone a rhyming one! But that’s Corky St. Clair, an 11-year-old organized pup from Chuluota, Florida. His mom, Rhonda, said the family is getting ready for moving day, and it was the perfect time to make a video about the experience.

“We’re moving in May, so I started thinking about something to do,” she said. “My dogs are always with me, so I thought it would be fun to do a video from my dog Corky’s point of view. I don’t think I could pull off reciting a poem about organizing, but he definitely could.”

Moving day is when many customers turn to Public Storage, so it was the perfect video to round out the finalists in the Be Our Valentine Video Contest.

The dog-friendly video definitely received a few laughs from viewers and is a video to remember. So go check it out, plus all of the finalists and the two winners our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to follow Public Storage on Facebook and Twitter for details about upcoming contests!

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