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Organizing Videos by Public Storage Employees and Fans

There’s no time better than the present to get organized, and six filmmakers recently showed the world how easy decluttering can be in organizing videos on the Public Storage YouTube channel!

Public Storage employees and fans competed for $2,500 by submitting entertaining videos filled with organization tips and knowhow. Together they showed how a little elbow grease can clear any cluttered space – from a messy man cave to a crowded closet.

While many videos were entered into the contest, three employee and three fan videos were selected as the finalists. Public Storage posted their videos to its YouTube channel and winners were picked based on the number of views (or “votes”) over a six-day period.

Nearly a week and thousands of views later, a Public Storage manager and organizer extraordinaire at one of our Minnesota locations was voted the employee category winner with 2,678 views! And Lauren, a Public Storage fan and fashionista from Tennessee, took home the fan favorite prize after her video got 1,309 plays!

Read what inspired them, and the rest of the Organization Transformation Video Contest finalists, and how organization has helped in their daily routines. And don’t forget to head over to YouTube and watch them all!

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Organization Supplies Found at Public Storage in New Hope, Minn.

Public Storage isn’t just about finding more space. It also where eager organizers can find the supplies they need to make the most out of their room at home or in storage. Mary Rose, our Public Storage employee winner showed just how these supplies can help in any clutter zone.

From boxes to bubble wrap, Public Storage employees coach customers on how moving supplies can maximize storage space. But instead of just telling, Mary Rose made a video showing the world how the right storage supplies can truly organize any room. She said she was inspired to create her video by a recent interaction with a customer.

“I love my job, and I love helping people get organized,” she said.

Her own laundry room is a catchall for her clutter, so she (with the help of her creative boyfriend behind the camera) showed how Public Storage supplies and a unit helped her organize her stuff.

“I want to show how customers can get the most out of their space,” Mary Rose said.

And that she did! Her video took the top prize after receiving 2,678 views by the time voting ended. She plans to use the $2,500 to finally fix her broken car.

organized makeup drawer

Makeup Maven Organizes Her Supplies for Public Storage Contest

For many, hobbies can lead to clutter. And for Lauren, a former thespian and now YouTuber, it’s true when it comes to cosmetics. She’s wanted to organize her ever-growing makeup collection for a while.

“I hoard my makeup, like it’s a problem,” she said. “My new year’s resolution was to clean everything out. So when I saw the contest, it was a good opportunity to sit down and do it.”

She only spent $1 on storage baskets, and it was well worth it because now it takes her less time to get ready.

“I take an hour and half to get ready, so my husband always reminds me two hours before we have to go anywhere,” she laughed. “But getting organized has made doing my makeup a lot faster.”

Lauren didn’t stop after her makeup drawer either, and now she has decluttered her kitchen and a couple closets with the help of her hubby.

Her organization transformation video was a hit, and with 1,309 views made her the fan favorite of the contest! She plans to spend the $2,500 prize on a lot of “adulting” – aka paying bills and saving the rest.

smiling mom as kids play on their beds in the background

Public Storage Manager Declutters a Kids Room

It’s hard to find enough time in the day for work and kids, but cleaning and decluttering too? Juanita, a property manager at a Public Storage near Columbus, Ohio, took on the challenge of finally organizing her kids’ room for her contest entry.

“It’s something I’ve needed to do forever, and the contest gave me the motivation to start,” she said. “I started at 7 p.m. and must have worked until 4 a.m.”

She found common supplies at her local department store and transformed them thanks to ideas she found online.

Her energetic and entertaining video received more than 1,400 views by the time voting ended, and while she didn’t win the money, she’s glad she completed the video project.

“Organization has improved daily life,” she said. “Structure has always been a struggle for me. So when I’m rushing to go somewhere, I’m always looking for something and I’m always late. But now I know where everything is. I should’ve implemented these things when I first had kids. But now I’m trying to change that and lead by example, so my kids grow up learning good organization habits.”

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Cluttered Closet Transformed by Public Storage Team in Reno, Nev.

When Alexandria, a property manager at a Public Storage in Reno, Nev., was thinking of ideas for her video, she took inspiration from her own life. Her closet is the space where all her clutter ends up.

“I’d be lying if I said my closet wasn’t messy,” she laughed.

She created the video, along with her coworker Anthony and his fiancée, to show how Public Storage supplies can help any “closet of despair” transform to a functional and organized space.

“I work with them all the time, so it was fun to embark on a project that wasn’t work-related and gave us time to get to know each other more,” she said.

While Alexandria said the goal of the project was to motivate others to organize a space, she was also inspired to declutter her own.

“I went on a cleaning spree and my spare bedroom is spotless now,” she said. “I minimized my clutter by donating furniture and got rid of old paperwork that I held onto for some odd reason.”

pensive woman standing in the middle of cluttered room

Decluttering Dreams Come True in Organizing Video

Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And that’s what James, a graphic designer from Laie, Hawaii, showed in his fun, stop motion animation video.

“My wife and I live in a small studio, it gets cluttered really fast because we have a bunch of stuff, and it’s hard to get organized,” he said. “So we thought ‘What if we fell asleep and when we woke up, everything was clean’ – if only it was that easy.”

Thanks to the power of technology, he filmed the story and made his wildest dreams come true! While decluttering the space was harder than it appeared, the project inspired the couple to try to live a clutter-free life.

“I’m the creative type, so I’m not super organized naturally,” he said. “It’s always a goal, because when my environment is less cluttered, so is my mind. It helps me think clearly.”

man on walking machine in a messy room

A Fan with Superhero Strength Cleans His Man Cave

Every superhero needs a lair, and an organized one at that. For Kalom, a rapper and artist in Ohio, his creative magic happens in his man cave. So he put on his superhero suit to get his space organized in no time for his video.

“It’s is where I come to think,” he said. “I used to sit in the living room, but my kids make too much noise. And I’m up at a weird time, because I work nights, so it gives me a space to go to.”

While his superhero alter-ego may have cleaned the man cave in only five minutes in the video, Kalom said the real process was a bit longer but well worth it.

“We had a lot of fun with it,” he said. “I got that costume for my daughter’s birthday, so I wanted to dress up and do something silly.”

Prepare for some laughs while watching his video – and the other great contest submissions – on the Public Storage YouTube channel!

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