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Most of our locations offer packing and moving supplies for purchase in the office, because you never know when you're going to need more tape. Purchase boxes, bubble wrap, glass packs, mattress bags, furniture covers and more at your local Public Storage. You can return any unused items within 30 days of purchase by bringing your original receipt along with the unopened item(s) to any Public Storage location.

How to Pack for Storage

Learn how to pack like a pro in four simple steps.
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How to Maximize Your Storage Space

Get the most out of your storage space by following these simple storage tips.
Maximize Your Space

How to Store a Car

Storing a car is as simple as park, lock and leave, right? Not exactly.
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How to Store Glassware

Nothing's more heartbreaking than the sound of glass breaking. Learn how to avoid the shatter.
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How to Store Wine

Friends don't let friends drink spoiled wine. Learn how to make sure your wine doesn't turn into sour grapes.
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How to Store a Refrigerator

Everyone loves a big, glorious refrigerator — until they have to move it. Learn how to do it like a pro.
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Packing & Moving Hacks

There are hacks for just about anything, including moving and storing. Do you know them?
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